For Self-Represented Litigants

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Legal Resources & Self-Represented Litigants
This page offers helpful information to Hawaiʻi Self-Represented Litigants, those who represent themselves in court. This is known as pro se in legal terminology (pro se means “for oneself” in Latin).

Library services include:

  • Free on-site access to legal databases, including Westlaw and Lexis Advance.
  • Low-cost off-site access to electronic or paper copies of Hawaiʻi statutes, acts, and committee reports, that are not readily available online, including old statutes – Please see Document Delivery for options.
  • Self-service photo-copying and printing at $0.15/page.
  • Legal materials, including manuals and forms.

If you find you may need an attorney’s assistance, please see our list of Legal Service Providers.

Self-Help Resources