Law Day 2019

Law Day is celebrated annually on May 1st. Check out the Library of Congress Research Guide for a historical overview of this day.

The 2019 theme – Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society – focuses on these cornerstones of representative government and calls on us to understand and protect these rights to ensure, as the U.S. Constitution proposes, “the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.” (ABA).


Stop by the library for a display highlighting this year’s theme with a curated collection of newspaper articles.

Picture of the law day display at the library

Selected Bibliography of Free Speech & Free Press treatises available at the library

  • Ashmore, Harry S. Fear in the air: broadcasting and the First Amendment: the anatomy of a constitutional crisis (1973)
    [KF4774 A83]
  • Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Freedom of the press and fair trial: final report with recommendations (1967)
    [KF4774 A87]
  • Barron, Jerome A. First amendment law in a nutshell (1993)
    [KF4770 B27]
  • Berns, Walter Fred. Freedom virtue and the first amendment (1969)
    [KF4772 B45]
  • Cappella, Joseph N. Spiral of cynicism: the press and the public good (1997)
    [KF4774 C36]
  • Chafee, Zechariah. Free speech in the United States (1941)
    [KF4772 C34]
  • Conahan Kathleen K. Rights of minors to freedom of speech (1968)
    [KF4772 C74]
  • Emerson, Thomas Irwin. The system of freedom of expression (1970)
    [KF4772 E43]
  • Hachten, William A. The Supreme Court on freedom of the press: decisions and dissents (1968)
    [KF4774 H28]
  • Jasper, Margaret C. The law of speech and the First Amendment (1999)
    [KF209 L52 J31 no.45]
  • Levy, Leonard Williams. Freedom of the press from Zenger to Jefferson: early American libertarian theories (1966)
    [KF4774 L57]
  • Levy, Leonard Williams. Freedom of speech and press in early American history: legacy of suppression (1963)
    [KF4772 L57]
  • Nelson, Harold Lewis. Freedom of the press from Hamilton to the Warren Court (1967)
    [KF4774 N33]
  • Shapiro, Martin. Freedom of speech: the Supreme Court and judicial review (1966)
    [KF4772 S52]
  • Starr, Isidore. The idea of liberty: First Amendment freedoms (1978)
    [KF4770 S72]
  • Sunstein, Cass R. Democracy and the problem of free speech (1995)
    [KF4772 S96]
  • Swanson, James L. First amendment law handbook (1990)
    [KF4772 F51]
  • Walker, Samuel. Hate speech: the history of an American controversy (1994)
    [KF9345 W44]

Selected Bibliography of Free Speech & Free Press law review articles available at the library

  • Meadors, Carey Brian, Time to reflect: when should ‘dangerous’ speech lose its First Amendment shield? 36 Court Review 2, 46-54 (1999)
  • Shefa, Mason C., First amendment 2.0: revisting Marsh and the quasi-public forum in the age of social media, 41 University of Hawaii Law Review, 1, 159-188 (2018)
  • Zaracostas, Michael G, Hate crime and the First Amendment, 32 Court Review, 2, 29-38 (1995)

Selected Bibliography of available resources on HeinOnline (access in-library only):